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Nick Clark

Nick Clark

Associate Consultant

Nick Clark is a highly experienced facilitator and executive coach with almost two decades of experience in improving the effectiveness of managers and leaders across a range of private and public sector organizations.

After beginning his career in advertising, Nick worked as a freelance writer and training designer before switching direction to focus on strengths-based assessment and selection, leadership development and coaching.

As a Chartered Psychologist, APECS Accredited Executive Coach and Accredited Practitioner in Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Nick possesses a deep understanding of the cultural and behavioural issues surrounding organizational change. He works with public and private sector clients at all levels to enhance their personal performance and professional effectiveness, to develop the attitudes and behaviours needed to lead more effectively, and to boost levels of well being and enjoyment at work.

His coaching style is positive and constructive, and he brings high levels of energy, creativity and flexibility to his work. His focus is on creating open and supportive relationships within which clients can explore and test out more effective ways of thinking, feeling and behaving; clients describe him as highly supportive, reflective, positive and challenging.

Nick has coached and facilitated extensively across a number of sectors including Professional Services, Financial Services, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and Manufacturing.

A member of the British Psychological Society and Association of Business Psychologists, Nick obtained an MSc in Occupational Psychology from University of London, and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Manchester. He holds BPS Level A and Level B (Intermediate) qualifications in the use of psychometric instruments, and is an accredited user of a wide range of tests including the Hogan suite, NEO, OPQ32, and Firo Element B.