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Measuring and improving the impact of leadership on employee engagement.

We believe leadership and employee engagement are inextricably linked.

Research has consistently shown that engaged employees help their organisations to perform better through the development and maintenance of; superior customer service, strengthening relationships, innovation and productivity. Engaged employees invest more of themselves into their role and the organisation.

Leadership is regularly found to be one of the most important drivers of the level of engagement within an organization – and our own research supports this. Almost all Key Driver Analysis outputs from our clients’ employee engagement surveys show confidence in leadership and leaders being visible, open and communicative with employee as top drivers of engagement (and many times also some of the lowest rated items within the survey – thereby making them priorities for improvement).

With our practical and benchmarked employee engagement surveys, we help leadership teams to see the impact they have, directly and indirectly, on employees throughout the organization and allow them to compare against other organisations.

Find out more about how we have helped hundreds of organisations to measure and improve their employee engagement by visiting our dedicated website Primary Colours Surveys

Primary Colours Surveys