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 HR Analytics

Measuring and Improving your ‘Return on Leadership’

We can help you to introduce a systematic, analytic approach to measuring the impact of your leadership teams and your talent management processes. This enables you to make data-driven decisions and provide business cases for investment with regards to all elements within your talent cycle. It also enables you to deliver measurable improvements to critical organisational capabilities such as productivity, customer experience and organisational agility.

By working with you, we can gather and analyse input and output data from the factors below to create a system that enables detailed evaluation of the impact of your leadership on the organisation.

The Leadership Analytics Process

We use our diagnostic tools to elicit data from each stage and share these with the leadership and HRs teams throughout the process using our powerful online analytics tool. Data includes:

  • Talent management data – attendance at leadership development programmes, promotions, amount of coaching provided, start date etc.
  • Leader characteristics and behavior – we can collect data regarding personality, values, responses to pressure, cognitive ability and colleague feedback regarding behaviours and performance using our Leadership assessment tools. This data feeds directly into our online tool.
  • Individual performance – performance rating data.
  • Organisational outcomes – engagement data, staff turnover, financial performance, accident rates, customer feedback data etc.

Data that is not collected directly using our online tool can be added into the tool manually via uploads or can link directly into your HR platforms remotely and automatically pull the data.

Because our diagnostic tools for leadership personality, behaviours and impact are anchored in the Primary Colours task-based model, we can effectively turn this data into actionable insights for the leadership team.

Once we have some data from each stage of the model we can show you in a simple way which of your variables (i.e. attendance at a leadership development programme, being an agreeable leader, engagement level within a team) predict organizational performance outcomes best so that you can maximize on these. We can also show you which activities may not be working well and may need improvements, e.g. where a leadership development programme is not resulting in improved leadership behavior and impact.

We have found that this process and use of our tools have formed a powerful complement to traditional business process improvement methods. These steps form a continuous cycle of improvement, which over time, can transform organisational performance.

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