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Assessing individual leaders or potential leaders

Leaders are a significant investment for any business. They have the potential to impact on financial results, but also have a big influence on the people within the business who often deliver the results on the ground.

Senior leaders can have a positive financial impact on the business and the people within it, but they can also have a significant negative effect. Developing high-potentials into future leaders is also a significant investment of time, effort and cost for organisations.

Just like elite sports men and women would go through regular assessments during their career to monitor their performance levels and check for any weaknesses or changes to their performance following training, it is important to regularly assess individual leaders throughout their careers in order to help them to identify their strengths and where they need help.

When would I need to conduct an individual leadership assessment?

We would recommend conducting an individual development assessment:

  • After an individual has been in post for 9 months
  • Before an individual participates in a leadership development programme
  • When the organisation is achieving outstanding results and thinking about how to sustain this for the future
  • When the organisation has disappointing results and needs to improve
  • When there is a larger than average staff turnover in part of the business
  • When the organisation is undergoing transformation

Our Approach To Individual Leadership Assessment - Evidence from a range of sources

We offer a range of individual leadership assessment services to suit different levels of an organization, different budgets and preferences. Our services include:

Executive and Senior Leader Assessments

In-depth Assessment – Used for executive leaders who require a more tailored, thorough and personal level of assessment. This assessment includes:

  • psychometric measures of personality, values and responses to pressure,
  • a 4-hour in-depth interview with one of our highly experienced assessors,
  • 360-degree feedback tool

Developmental Assessment – Used for Senior Leaders, where a slightly less in-depth approach may be required. This assessment includes:

  • psychometric measures of personality, values, responses to pressure,
  • a psychometric measure of ability (where appropriate),
  • a 3-hour interview with one of our experienced assessors
  • 360-degree feedback tool

Mid-Level Leader Assessments

Summary Assessment – Used for mid-level leaders where investment in development is key to preparing them for more senior roles. This assessment includes:

  • A psychometric measure of personality,
  • A psychometric measure of ability (where appropriate),
  • A 2-hour interview with one of our experienced assessors,
  • 360-degree feedback tool

Each of the above individual leadership assessments results in a detailed written report which describes the leader’s strengths and development needs across the Primary Colours leadership tasks (or your own leadership framework). We also provide an independent external benchmark of their leadership capability using our database of 20,000 senior leaders.

Leadership Assessments for larger populations of current or potential leaders

The Primary Colours Leadership Assessment Toolkit, combines both a personality and 360-degree feedback assessment, to help leaders or high potentials identify their key strengths and development in line with the Primary Colours Model® of leadership. We find that this automated assessment enables our clients to provide leadership assessments to a much wider group of individuals within their organisations.

We provide expert training and accreditation for internal HR professionals, L&D professionals and coaches to enable them to provide individual feedback and insights to leaders or high potentials across their organisation with confidence and impact.

Leadership assessment centres and development centres

When assessing at volume for talent programmes, assessment/ development centres can be used to more efficiently collect a range of assessment data and compare assesses against a set of criteria.

We design and run assessment centres based on our client’s needs, using the Primary Colours Leadership model as an assessment framework or your own leadership or competency framework.

We have a large pool of experienced designers, assessors and assessment centre managers in order to successfully deliver both large and small centres.

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Why use Edgecumbe for Your Individual Leadership Assessment?

  • We have assessed over 10,000 senior leaders from some of the world’s leading organisations – see more on our clients here.
  • We can benchmark your current and future leaders against this large external database.
  • The world of work and the shape of organisations have changed, but the tasks that leaders need to enact remain the same. Our Primary Colours Model of Leadership is simple, memorable and relevant to all organisations.
  • Our highly trained and experienced assessors understand people AND business.
  • We offer different levels of service to suit budget and time constraints.
  • We are lovely people and we offer a warm, personal and flexible service.
  • Don’t just take our word for it read on our home page.
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