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Assessment recruitment reports for high-stakes selection

Candidate insight is a service which purpose is to help employers make the right selections for high stakes leadership appointments.

When recruiting senior managers the cost of a bad selection can be very large, both financially and organisationally.

With this service, Edgecumbe's highly qualified psychologists prepare a report on short-listed candidates. The report is based on psychometric personality measures and provides a valuable insight into the traits, attitudes and behaviours most likely to help or hinder the candidate in the job. Each report also makes recommendations for selection interviews, including areas that should be explored and behavioural questions.
We work with clients in one of two ways:
The Core Solution
- Our assessment is based on the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership
The Tailored Solution
- The assessment is based on your competency or values model. We can help you create one.
These are not computer generated outputs, instead they are unique reports well written by occupational psychology trained consultants which are peer reviewed before release.
The Measures
We use only gold standard, academically validated personality measures to ensure that interpretations are fair and robust.  
Hogan Motivators, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI) – this measures what the candidate wants out of life and work, what drives them, what are their values.  This measure is specifically useful for assessing potential organisational / team fit.
NEO Personality Inventory – This is the most well-validated general measure of personality. This allows us to interpret how a candidate is likely to behave day-to-day
Hogan Development Survey – this is a measure of personality under pressure, it measures 11 possible “de-railers” – behaviours which might hinder a candidate's performance at work
They are:
  Unique to each candidate
Gold standard & academically validated personality questionnaires
They are not:
Computer generated
Illegitimate measures
The report includes:
- An executive summary
- Candidate's likely strengths or weaknesses against the competency values/model
- Likely derailing behaviour under pressure
- Likely organisational fit, based on personal values and drivers
- Suggested interview questions to explore likely strengths and weaknesses
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Testimonials from our Candidate Insight customers:
"An important part of ICA's business strategy is recruitment. The Primary Colours® Candidate Insight Reports make an essential complement to our interviews as it helps us estimate each candidate's capabilities in relation to each domain of the leadership model. It's important that we have the right people in the right place at the right time."
Åsa Gabriel
Senior Vice President
"We have been very impressed with the support that we have received from Edgecumbe in terms of incorporating psychometric profiling to support our new recruitment and selection process"

Lyndsey Ferries
Director of Human Resources,
Golden Jubilee National Hospital