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Manager 180

Is your management style engaging?

This new development tool provides feedback to managers on their management approach, encouraging them by way of feedback from their reports to manage their team in a manner that is conducive to building engagement.

Research consistently suggests that the relationship between the line manager and their direct reports is the single most important influence on employee engagement. Yet we know that many managers lack training in managing people and insight into how their management approach impacts on their employees.

Our own research shows that even in high performing organisations the approach to managing people is often inconsistent and sometimes at odds with the culture that organisations are striving to engender.

  • Clear, attractive, easy to use online questionnaire branded with your logo
  • Option to provide feedback to several participants at once
  • Option of quick, reliable colleague nomination process with a stored online database of employees
  • Minimum numbers of respondents can be pre-set on the system to protect anonymity of feedback
  • Respondent category can be labelled according to your preferences
  • Automatic reminder and invitation emails can be amended to create bespoke versions
  • Secure account created for each user (participants and respondents)
  • Instant report access in PDF format on participant’s secure account
  • Completion reports to show progress throughout the process

Engaged employees invest their 'whole self' into their work
The online tool collects feedback from direct reports on a range of management behaviours. There are 40 questions covering a span of management tasks, such as communication, giving feedback, decision making and delegation.
The questions and report are organised under the headings of head, heart and hands, a structural framework consistent with the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership.  Evidence shows that engaged staff consistently display three sets of positive characteristics which can be grouped under the following headings:

  • Head - They understand their role in the organisation, the organisation’s values and their own aims and expectations. They feel secure in the organisation and their role, and are more likely to put forward ideas, innovate and challenge.
  • Heart - They are enthusiastic about their work and participate more in the wider organisation. They are committed to the organisation and proud of the work they do. They find their work meaningful and feel involved in the success of the organisation.
  • Hands - They are motivated to work harder and for longer, take better care with their work and are more willing to go above and beyond their role to help the organisation succeed.


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