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NEO Primary Colours

Leadership Report

The NEO Primary Colours Leadership Report assesses compatibility with the tasks of leadership.

This new leadership report brings together the best-in-class NEO Personality Inventory and the proven Primary Colours® Model of Leadership to create a clear, simple narrative report on an individual’s leadership potential.

The NEO Personality Inventory has become established as the gold standard in personality measurement.  With exceptional psychometric properties of reliability and predictive validity, the questionnaire is widely used in occupational settings and has been shown to be an effective measure of factors which account for 25% of the observed variance in leader emergence and effectiveness.
We think it is time to offer the best of both worlds.
The report offers a clear, straightforward description of leadership potential and an explicit link to the psychological factors which underpin it.   Developed in partnership with Hogrefe (the UK and European publishers of the NEO), the report is structured under the capabilities defined in the proven Primary Colours® Model of Leadership to provide a simple and robust prediction of leadership style and effectiveness.

The Primary Colours NEO Leadership Report is one of three tools used in our Primary Colours Leadership Assessment Toolkit for experienced L&D, OD and HR practitioners, both independent consultants and internal specialists.  Find out how to get accredited in use of the toolkit here.
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