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Benchmarked and bespoke 360 feedback tools

Improve performance by building self-awareness with 360 feedback

The external insights that are gained in the 360 feedback approach bring the dimensions to self-reflection that make it truly evidence-based.

Self-reflection is only powerful if it is informed by external insights on your performance. 360 feedback is the most effective way of obtaining those evidence-based insights which will motivate a leader’s self-development.

Why 360° feedback?

Leadership happens in the interactions between people and interactions with any one person or group will be different.  A 360° assessment collects confidential and therefore more honest feedback about a leader’s performance from those who work all around them, building self-awareness and reducing blind spots.

Use 360 feedback to:

  • Identify potential future leaders
  • Understand the impact of existing leaders on individuals/teams/the organisation
  • Personalise leadership programmes and measure their impact
  • Gain insight into what your workforce’s perspective on leadership is
  • Understand how leaders fair in comparison to benchmark groups
  • Ascertain what is required to develop individual leaders and leadership teams
  • Track an individual’s development over time.

Core 360

Based on our proprietary leadership model , forming part of our core Primary Colours® assessment toolkit, and benchmarked against some of the highest performing senior leaders in the world. Clients value the simplicity of the model’s language and the depth of insights gained.

Tailored 360

Customisation of the Primary Colours® questionnaire and report, applying any required ‘tweaks’ to the questionnaire and using our highly configurable platform to set up project templates with adapted rater settings, communications and reports, including employer branding.

Bespoke 360

For our bespoke 360s, we collaborate with you to create a fully bespoke 360 feedback solution, in accordance with your organisation’s values and/or competency framework, with behavioural items designed and validated by our expert business psychologists.

Further information

Choice of delivery approach

Ranging from fully administrated bureau service to client managed service:

  • Bureau: Flexible, attentive and efficient project management approach. The Edgecumbe Client Delivery team frequently receives praise from clients for the high quality of their assessment delivery service, and in comparison to other ‘more cumbersome’ 360 processes. From the set-up of assessments, through to overseeing completion of and sending the reports, we excel in giving our clients assurance that their project is in competent and safe hands. We support clients throughout all potential scenarios such as participant delays, drop-outs and requests for individual participants’ schedule changes.
  • Client managed: Whether you simply want access to view progress of 360 feedback projects or would like to fully administrate your 360s, our platform provides access to set up projects, edit feedback dates, review and download status reports and send additional reminders.

Reporting capability

Data-rich insights via visually engaging reports, not just for individual reporting, but for a range of insightful summary reports:

  • Comparative reports: Track an individual’s progression over time and the impact of a leadership programme by using our 360 comparative reports, which measure the difference in performance between ‘time 1’ and ‘time 2’ data.
  • Team reports: Gain a clear overview of a leadership team’s strengths and development areas by reviewing results of aggregated 360 feedback data. See more here: Team 360° – 360 Degree Feedback Tools | Edgecumbe.
  • Organisation analytical reports: Use your 360 feedback data to obtain insight into what type of leadership works for your business and how to develop your people to get there: Leadership Consulting – Business Psychology | Edgecumbe.

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