Case study: Bunzl plc

Cutting through complexity to deliver actionable insights

What was the problem?

Bunzl plc (FTSE 100) are a highly successful international distribution and outsourcing company. They came to us seeking to form a long-term partnership to deliver their global engagement surveys. The requirements were complex; their 15,000 staff speak 17 languages, work across over 200 operating companies in 29 countries and needed the option to complete the survey online or on paper. They also required a variety of reports showing the attitudes and engagement level of staff across all levels of their de-centralised structure.

What did we do?

We have worked with Bunzl to design a cost-efficient and hassle-free methodology that cuts through the complexity of their requirements. Together, we created a bespoke questionnaire which covers the elements of working life most relevant to staff, using simple and clear language to make it easy for all to understand.

Our reporting provides clear messages, which prompt actionable insights for audiences at all levels of their hierarchy. This enables Bunzl to quickly share and cascade their results through the business year on year, so they can start on the most important aspect of surveys; making sure they make a difference through action planning and communication.

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What was the outcome?

Across our 13-year partnership, Bunzl have gone from strength to strength. They have seen their response rates climb from 46% to 85%, their levels of employee-engagement have increased, and perceptions of management and communications have notably improved. This has been achieved using our recommended ‘You said, so we did’ approach to communication, clear interpretive reports and targeted recommendations for action.

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