As psychologists and survey experts we feel we have a responsibility to help employees and organisations in these unprecedented times. Now more than ever, it is important to check in with your teams and colleagues on how these changes may be affecting their wellbeing and how they are adapting to their new ways of working. We have therefore designed a free survey questionnaire which gives employees a voice and organisations the information they need to inform their response to the situation.

The questions have been informed by insights from research in change management and psychology, and measure the areas most likely to be impacted in periods of crisis and uncertainty. The questionnaire can easily be uploaded onto free survey platforms.

We strongly believe that we must come together during times like these, so please feel free to share this with anyone in your network who you think will find this useful!

You can download the survey for free using the link below.

COVID-19 Survey



“Thank you for sharing this, recently used it with my teams and it’s given us a great sense of where we are and what more we can do. Great insight.”

Sean Palmer, Director, Immigration and Protection, UK Home Office.