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Transforming Leadership Development 

Edgecumbe’s Chief Executive Jon Cowell, along with Gary Taylor (Head of People Development at BSI) and Diane Harpham (Talent Projects Manager at EDF Energy) talk about the notion of ‘incomplete leaders’ and leadership as a team game.

Jon Cowell explains how leadership involves performing a set of essential tasks, and how these need to aligned to the presenting challenges and cultural context.  The model captures 2 central tensions or dilemmas which leaders need to manage, and which can never be permanently resolved one way or another: how to balance the need to deliver today with the need to build the platforms for performance tomorrow; and how to balance the need to get the task done with the need to sustain effective relationships. Essentially, no one person is likely to be a ‘complete’ leader, and that instead organisations need to create complete leadership teams from incomplete leaders.

Using the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership, a powerful, task-based model taught at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, Jon, Gary and Diane demonstrate how business challenges can be translated into leadership challenges in a way which makes them clear, tangible and actionable.