Executive Assessments

Our Executive Assessments

Success at Every Level

Using our simple and practical approach to leadership, we assess leadership capability, potential and performance at executive, senior management and middle management levels.

People decisions matter hugely to organisations and the most significant people in terms of cost and impact in organisations are leaders and managers. A 2016 study published in HBR found that, according to senior executives hiring the wrong people was thought to be the most financially wasteful people-based activity in their organisations. Also considered wasteful are leaders who don’t inspire employees and spending on leadership training that doesn’t have the desired impact.

These are all things that, done well, can have a significant positive impact on an organisation. Unfortunately, there is no single winning formula to making great hiring decisions, to selecting or developing inspiring leaders or to designing the right training and development – context matters, and it matters a lot!

This is why our assessment approach for leaders is based on a deceptively simple model of leadership tasks which can be tailored to each client’s unique environment, industry and set of challenges. We assess the most relevant behaviours, skills and traits for YOUR leadership team. This is why we also use sophisticated analytics to ensure that those assessment criteria adapt with your organisation and help you to measure the real impact of development initiatives.

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Developing Leaders

Why use Executive Assessments?

Our clients have used our assessment and analytics capabilities to address some common questions:

  • What does great leadership look like in OUR organisation?
  • How can we select the best people for future leadership roles?
  • How can we help our Executive Management Team/ Board to work better together?
  • How can we help our leaders to adapt the way they lead for a future that looks very different to the present?
  • How can we help our leaders to better inspire and engage those around them?
  • How do we know if our investments in leadership development are really improving leadership capability?

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Executive Assessment for Leaders

What are the Benefits?

An assessment is primarily a diagnostic process. Individual leaders can build their self-awareness and learn how to play to their strengths, work on potential and ‘fragile’ strengths and work around their resistant limitations – those weaknesses that are hard for them to change.

Through leadership assessment they learn where to focus their own development efforts and the types of people they need around them in order to complement their strengths and fill their gaps.