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Our Approach to Executive Coaching

The coaching marketplace is crowded and it is hard for clients to differentiate between types of provider, their style, values, skills, methods and effectiveness. Our approach to coaching and to selecting coaches who work with us is based on the following principles:


  • Results orientation: We do not believe in ‘open ended coaching’.  We begin each coaching intervention by agreeing a set of targeted outcomes with the coachee and their immediate line manager, usually (but not always), based on a psychological, developmental assessment.  We then work with each coachee in a focused and structured way to achieve these changes.
  • Measured: We seek to help participants measure their progress.  This takes a number of forms beyond their subjective impressions and can include 360 degree surveys, team impact surveys and informal contracting with colleagues to seek feedback.  Edgecumbe provide a number of different measurement tools and these can be designed and actioned with the specific coachees’ needs in mind.
  • Insight-driven: We aim to make a difference as rapidly as possible by analysing the coachees’ situation from both the business and the coachees’ psychological perspective. Having enabled the coachee to gain an insight into themselves and the impact they make on their organisation, we help them convert that insight into effective action.
  • Credibility, capability and experience: All of our coaches possess high level coaching qualifications.  Many are coaching supervisors and all experience supervision themselves as part of their continuing professional development.  Just as importantly, each has held a senior position in business and therefore knows what it is like ‘in the real world’ and are able to bring this experience into the coaching sessions.

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How We Do It

Our Coaching Process

Our recommended coaching process is presented in the diagram below:

We believe it is key to obtain a clear briefing from the sponsor of the coaching, which is typically either the line manager of the coachee, the HR Sponsor within the organisation, or the coachee themselves. At this briefing, we will seek to understand the organisational context behind the coaching, and how the coaching ‘fits’ with the overall system that the coachee operates within. This stage also helps us to identify which of our coaches will be best matched to meet the coach at the ‘chemistry’ meeting.

This is a 45 to 60 minute session where the ‘chemistry’ between the coachee and their coach is explored. This meeting allows the coachee to gauge the coach’s approach and style.  It also allows the coach to determine whether they are the best coach to support the individual.  It allows them to work jointly to begin to ‘scope’ the coachee’s coaching objectives, prior to the initial three-way ‘contracting’ meeting with their boss (if required). We usually recommend that the coachee meets 2-3 coaches for a ‘chemistry’ meeting, so they can select the coach they feel most connected with. This also helps to create greater coachee engagement with the process.

This is often a three-way meeting between the coachee, their line manager and the coach, though it may not include a third party.  Typically lasting about an hour, its purpose is to agree both ‘outcome’ parameters,  including goals and measures of progress, and ‘process’ parameters, including the role of the boss as a sponsor and supporter of the process, expectations and approach to sharing outcomes and progress.  The outputs of this session form the foundations of the coaching sessions.

Typically, a series of six, two hour coaching sessions. The interval between sessions depends on the nature and urgency of the issues which they are working on.  Typically we would expect an interval of 3-4 weeks at the beginning of the programme, spreading to perhaps 5-6 weeks for the later sessions.

This is usually a 90 minute meeting between the coachee, their line manager (if required) and the coach.  The purpose is to review progress, gain additional feedback, to identify any further development support and to ensure any further development is measurable and integrated with other leadership development initiatives.


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