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Recruitment Assessment from Edgecumbe

Candidate Insight is an in-depth assessment, designed for high-stakes recruitment of senior hires, that provides recruiters with important insight into the traits, attitudes and behaviours most likely to help or hinder the candidate in performing in their role.

The resulting report identifies probable strengths and potential risks/ limitations and includes behavioural questions that can be used at final interview to explore the candidate’s suitability and development needs further.

Candidate Insight is used to support the external and internal recruitment of managers and senior professionals being considered for appointment to senior management and leadership positions. Its aim is to reduce uncertainty in the recruitment process by identifying aspects of the individual’s personality and approach at work that may need to be explored thoroughly in order to understand the candidate better and mitigate certain kinds of recruitment risk.

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How Does It Help?

The Benefits of Candidate Insight

Personality analysis suggests a candidate’s suitability for a particular role rather than his or her knowledge or skills. The benefits for the organisation, the recruitment team and the candidate are:

For the organisation:

The organisation benefits from the exploration and mitigation of risks and the increased understanding of potential that an analysis of personality provides. The organisation also is provided with data which, over time, allows research to be undertaken on indicators of success and failure in roles and in the organisation more generally.

For the recruitment team:

The recruitment team usually has to struggle with the vagaries and uncertainties of comparing candidates and the need to consider organisational ‘fit’. Personality assessment provides rigorous bases of comparison between candidates and allows risks either to be avoided or mitigated by knowing the specific risks and how they might need to be handled managerially should the candidate be appointed.

For the candidate:

The candidate benefits by being provided with an additional means of presenting him or herself to the recruitment team, through the questionnaires. The candidate also receives a report on the key findings of the personality analysis. These matters could, therefore, be discussed at the second interview stage and the report will provide helpful developmental implications and insights for the candidate.

What is Included?

Candidate Insight typically uses three personality questionnaires:

  • The NEO PI3: a general personality questionnaire
  • The Hogan MVPI: a questionnaire measuring personal motives, values and preferences
  • The Hogan HDS: a measure of likely reactions to pressure which could become counter-productive

Together, these three questionnaires provide a comprehensive view of the individual as they see themselves. All are completed online.

Depending on the role, additional psychometric assessments may be recommended, such as general cognitive ability tests, abstract reasoning tests or business or critical thinking tests.

What is the Output?

The final Candidate Insight report can be produced in several different formats depending on your own needs:

  • How in-depth you would like the process to be : for this reason we have different ‘levels’ of report.
  • How bespoke you would like the process to be : what model you would like us to assess candidates against – whether you would like to use Edgecumbe’s Primary Colours® leadership model, or a different model, such as your own company values or competency model.

We provide our own standard reports or can produce completely bespoke reports depending on your requirements.

Candidate Insight Reports

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