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What was the problem?

Regents University aims to develop tomorrow’s global leaders, they contacted us as they knew they needed to understand and improve Employee Engagement to continue to grow and maximise their student and staff’s experience. They were not seeking a survey platform, instead, a partner who would ensure they understood their unique context. Specifically, they are an independent and not-for-profit higher education institution with multiple staff groups, who have very different working experiences and drivers. We have since been their leadership development and employee engagement partner for over a decade.

What did we do?

We have continually worked with staff and working groups at Regents to establish and refine their bespoke engagement questionnaires. These cover the elements of working life that are uniquely relevant to the higher education context, they address their range of staff populations, and route pertinent questions to different staff populations.

Following surveys, we meet with the Directorate to discuss the results and our recommendations, preparing the team to move forward in a unified strategy. Results are then broadcasted to staff in Town Hall meetings, providing them with a forum to understand the findings and ask questions. Managers are also supported in working with the results, having attended workshops on how to share results and create action plans with their teams.

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What was the outcome?

Our partnership with Regents now spans over a decade, and in this time, we have seen them go from a college, to acquiring University status, a notable achievement. Actions to understand and improve Employee Engagement, to communicate transparently with staff, and to support managers has undoubtedly supported this. In turn, they have been rewarded with year on year increases in the proportion of staff reporting as ‘fully engaged’.

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