Leadership in the GDPR Era

The political and economic uncertainty of Brexit has certainly grabbed the attention of most UK businesses recently. While government and business leaders try to navigate their way through Brexit talks and strategies, another big change in the operating environment has quickly come upon us: the dreaded GDPR. GDPR, the General Data [...]

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How data analytics can provide unique leadership insights – Our work with the IPA and Project X

Chances are that by now we have all heard of how "Big Data" and "Analytics" has begun to take over the way HR (and the world in general) functions. "Buy this new machine learning and artificial intelligence software, and the future of working life could be turned upside down". But, how [...]

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We Are Now Cyber Essentials Accreditated!

We are pleased to announce that as part of our Information Security initiatives Edgecumbe has become Cyber Essentials certified. Edgecumbe is one of the UK’s leading independent business and leadership consultancies, specialising for the past 20 years in executive leadership assessment and development. Our purpose is to enhance leadership, employee engagement [...]

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Pause. Reflect. Thrive.

2016 has arguably seen the greatest volume of change in a single year that many of us have experienced for a long time: the political rulebook has been rewritten, sporting records have been overturned and we’ve taken our first steps into a virtual reality. Without sounding too much like an acid [...]

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White paper: Engagement and well-being – You can’t have one without the other

Employee engagement has been a growing focus for HR practitioners and business leaders over the past decade and has gained government support with David Cameron’s engagement task force, Engage 4 Success. However, experts have criticised businesses and academics for concentrating too much on employee engagement and how much discretionary effort they [...]

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Whitepaper: A New Theory of Leadership for the 21st Century

A new theory of leadership for the 21st century David Pendleton1 and Jon Cowell2 Introduction Good leadership makes a difference to organisations of all shapes and sizes: nations, corporations, charities, sports teams. We know this intuitively and believe it for good reason. There is ample evidence of the power of leadership [...]

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