The Power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Why EQ is Important in Business

Emotional Quotient (EQ), often referred to as “Emotional Intelligence,” is a defining factor in shaping the success of individuals and businesses. It is regarded as having a strong correlation in relation to an individual’s performance within a business, and is hugely influential in how that individual sees themselves and others. But [...]

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Psychometric Testing – How to Use Psychometric Tests in Business

Psychometric tests are used in business to help identify an individual’s personality, behaviour, skills and competency. This helps provide useful insights for hiring new candidates, identifying and monitoring team dynamics as well as monitoring internal employees for potential organisational movement or individual promotions. These tests are designed to help showcase someone’s [...]

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An Approach to Developing Effective Leadership in Business

For businesses to thrive, they need leaders and leadership teams that can navigate marketplace challenges and opportunities. Overcoming problems, finding innovative solutions, and being proactive in the market become daily tasks for those in positions of leadership. So, how can businesses ensure their leaders are suited to getting the job done? [...]

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What Is People Analytics and Why Is It So Important for Business Growth?

People analytics is the data-driven practice of analysing employees and the people within and around an organisation, to better understand them and help executive teams make better decisions. People analytics is focused on trying to find answers to business issues by combining both qualitative and quantitative research methods, to gain powerful [...]

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Preparing Leaders and Managers for International Expansion

What could be better for an organisation than to grab the chance for international expansion? A passport to growth. Reaching the promised land of endless opportunities. Why not? If business results are above expectation on the domestic front, why not expand into the global markets for additional profits. Surely, it’s just [...]

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Leadership in the GDPR Era

The political and economic uncertainty of Brexit has certainly grabbed the attention of most UK businesses recently. While government and business leaders try to navigate their way through Brexit talks and strategies, another big change in the operating environment has quickly come upon us: the dreaded GDPR. GDPR, the General Data [...]

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How data analytics can provide unique leadership insights – Our work with the IPA and Project X

Chances are that by now we have all heard of how "Big Data" and "Analytics" has begun to take over the way HR (and the world in general) functions. "Buy this new machine learning and artificial intelligence software, and the future of working life could be turned upside down". But, how [...]

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We Are Now Cyber Essentials Accreditated!

We are pleased to announce that as part of our Information Security initiatives Edgecumbe has become Cyber Essentials certified. Edgecumbe is one of the UK’s leading independent business and leadership consultancies, specialising for the past 20 years in executive leadership assessment and development. Our purpose is to enhance leadership, employee engagement [...]

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