Case study: Stripe

Helping an IT consultancy with growing pains

What was the problem?

The leadership team of this small, growing IT consultancy came to us for help with some familiar ‘growing pains’. They were struggling to relinquish day to day management and delivery of client work, and support the next layer of managers to step up, so they could focus on developing the business. And there were tensions within and outside the team; everyone in the team was feeling stretched and this was starting to impact relationships, communication across the business and the ability to hold onto key talent.

What did we do?

We started by providing feedback and coaching on the results of personality questionnaires and 360° feedback to help each team member understand where their natural strengths lie, why they find some things more taxing, and the things they are never likely to be great at.

Once they understood how they could develop in order to play to their individual strengths, we worked with the team as a whole. The first session focussed on creating alignment behind a shared vision and goals. But the most impactful part came when we discussed the Team Profile, the combined data from their individual assessments. Suddenly they could see their challenge clearly: several of them were in roles that were completely incompatible with their natural strengths.

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What was the outcome?

The impact was particularly profound for one member of the team who had been struggling for a while. The individual feedback, coaching and the team processes, opened up his self-awareness, and the burden he felt about having to be an all-rounder and do it all was released – a huge weight lifted from his shoulders. Changes in roles and structure followed, and the business and its leaders are now thriving.

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