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Executive leadership assessment

Make the right leadership hiring and promotion decisions

Our executive leadership assessments significantly reduce the risks associated with senior-level selection and promotion, enabling organisations to confidently make evidence-based decisions about your current and future talent.

Improve the success of leadership appointments

Identifying the right senior leaders to take your organisation forward and thrive in your culture can be the difference between success and failure.

The wrong recruitment decision can be costly, and the impacts are widespread throughout an organisation. Our executive assessments use well-validated psychometrics and in-depth biographical interviews to provide you with the confidence and clarity needed to make data-driven talent decisions.

Thoroughly evaluate candidates

Using the ‘best-in-class’ psychometrics and diagnostics, we gain a holistic and benchmarked assessment of leaders’ personality tendencies, motivations, strengths and derailment risks. Our experienced business psychologists provide an impartial perspective to inform evidence-based decisions about your critical senior leadership roles.

Discover high-potential leaders

We look beyond previous track record, revealing insights that are not readily apparent during standard interviews, or on paper. In doing so, we identify future leadership potential for your specific business context, equipping you with the knowledge to confidently identify which leaders will take your organisation forward.

Apply a proven methodology

We provide assessments against our proprietary, world-renowned Primary Colours® Leadership Model, taught at the leading business schools or against your specific talent framework. Our assessments are designed to identify leaders’ most/least natural areas of strength and to identify or build complementary strengths within leadership teams.


How we assess your future leaders

From the outset we seek to understand your organisational context, culture and objectives to help inform the focus of the assessment.

We then provide assessments either against the world-renowned Primary Colours® Leadership Model, our proprietary framework taught at the top executive business schools such as Oxford University’s Saïd, Henley, Kings and Alliance Manchester, or we can assess against your specific talent framework or tailor our approach to suit your needs.

Our proven methodology is based on assessing the critical tasks that all leaders must do, which helps them to make sense of and effectively tackle the leadership challenges they face. Another important contention within our approach is that it is very rare to find individual leaders who excel in all three domains and all eight tasks. As such, our assessments are designed to identify leaders’ most/least natural areas of strength and to identify or build complementary strengths within leadership teams.

We provide tiered levels of service depending on how thorough you would like the process to be, or to align to different parts of your pipeline – ‘in-depth’, ‘standard’ and ‘summary’. All options are based on robust and objective leadership assessment tools. The difference between them is the depth of the assessment process allowing you to tailor the package to the level of insight and support you need.


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Finding the right senior leaders to recruit or promote is a complex and challenging process. Executive assessment enables organisations to have a more in-depth and holistic view of their candidates, which considers fit to their context and their potential to meet future challenges. This facilitates better informed decision-making about who to place into critical leadership positions.

Rather than seeing executive assessment as just a risk mitigation tool, it also enables the organisation to intentionally plan the onboarding process to bridge any gaps and to give them the right platform to flourish.

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