Case study: Connect Group

‘Connecting’ the Connect Group

What was the problem?

Connect are a distribution company working across news & media, education, healthcare and parcel freight sectors. They sought experts to support them in their mission to improve employee engagement in the 7,000 staff they employ, across their 5 main divisions. To do so, they needed a partner who would help them gain senior team buy-in, educate and involve their management population, measure engagement and involve everyone in working with the results to make change happen.

What did we do?

To lay the groundwork, we worked with Connect to design organisation-wide workshops to educate the senior team and management populations about engagement. These illustrated the importance of employee engagement and the crucial part they play in influencing it. Following this, we created a highly tailored, clear and concise questionnaire, designed to maximise participation and staff involvement. Each year, results are shared with management teams using highly visual infographic reports summarising Division and Group scores. These include Key Driver Analysis reports, which highlight ‘Key Successes’ to be celebrated and sustained, and ‘First Priorities’ for action to improve engagement. Line managers are also supported, having attended bespoke workshops which explained their results, how to share these with their teams and facilitate action planning discussions.

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What was the outcome?

By ensuring staff across the Group were involved in a two-way conversation, they feel more empowered, listened to and valued. This is evidenced by stories across the business of a momentum of positive change and actions being put into place. For example, one suggestion that came from a depot worker has been implemented and is expected to save the company more money than it cost to design and run the survey!

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