Leadership assessment and development for individuals

Leaders at every level

Job titles don’t make leaders: if you influence others, you are a leader.  The way leaders speak and behave influences others to apply their energy and talents to a common purpose.

Why individuals?

Leadership is always personal. The way you respond to its demands reflects your personality, your social context and the goals you are trying to advance. The best leaders do the things at which they excel, work with others who have the talents they lack, and know when to step up – and when to get out of the way.

We help you see what you do well, how you can learn to be even better, and how to work with people who are not like you.

Every great project starts with a conversation

Pick up the phone or drop us a line, whether you know exactly what you want or are still working it out. We’re always happy to help.


How we help individuals thrive

We use best-in-class leadership assessments to help you understand your current behaviour, capability and impact – and the scope for change. Then we can provide coaching to challenge and support you.


Best-in-class assessments help you understand who you are – your personality, abilities and motivations – and how you lead.

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360° Feedback

Benchmarked measures help you understand your behaviour and impact on others. We also create bespoke measures for specific clients, professions and programmes.

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Doctor 360°

GMC-compliant and RCGP approved colleague and patient feedback supports re-validation for doctors. Our unique tool requires fewer responses for a valid assessment than any other tool on the market.

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Executive assessment

Reduce the risk of bad hires at senior levels with our benchmarked assessments of candidates’ strengths, development needs, and role and team fit.

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Leadership Assessment

Developmental assessments of your leadership style, capability and scope for development help you thrive as a leader.

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Leadership Coaching

Just like elite sports men and women, leaders need coaches to reach the top of their game. We offer leadership and behavioural coaching from a highly experienced and diverse team.

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We offer a range of services to help individual leaders thrive – but if you need something a bit different or don’t know what you need, talk to us. If it’s about leadership, we can help!

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