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The Primary Colours® Assessment Toolkit

Facilitate the translation of business challenges into leadership challenges by using the Primary Colours® Assessment Toolkit. Taught at leading business schools, including Oxford Saïd, Henley, Kings and Alliance Manchester, our tasks-focused Primary Colours® Model defines what leaders need to do to create the conditions for sustained success.

Identify and develop leadership capability with best-in-class assessment tools

The underlying structure of the Primary Colours® Model is consistent with the psychological factors which are most influential in shaping an individual’s leadership impact. As such, it:

  • enables a leadership assessment approach that reflects enduring differences between people;
  • helps to clarify the kinds of leadership role for which an individual is fundamentally well-suited and those in which they are never likely to thrive;
  • supports the creation of complete leadership teams from incomplete leaders;
  • objectively identifies leadership potential, strengths and development areas and informs key talent management decisions.

Our toolkit is designed to support a robust approach to assessing and developing leadership impact and leadership capability. It includes personality and performance assessments that align to the same tasks of leadership, to get a full picture of a person’s leadership strengths and development areas.

Assessing personality

To assess how personality influences leadership style and impact, we provide two options to profile leaders – the NEO and HUCAMA Personality Factors. Both options provide a robust and comprehensive personality profiling assessment to use when working with leaders.

Option 1: Assess how personality aligns to the leadership tasks using Hogrefe’s NEO to produce the NEO Primary Colours® Leadership Report. > Download sample report.

Option 2: Assess how personality aligns to the leadership tasks using HUCAMA Personality Factors questionnaire to produce the Primary Colours® Leadership Report (PF48). > Download sample report.

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Assessing performance

Primary Colours® 360 report: a comprehensive assessment of performance against leadership tasks, which highlights strengths and development areas as well as a detailed breakdown of results and free text commentary. We can provide a tailored version of the Primary Colours® 360 assessment if you value the model but the questionnaire is not quite suited to your requirements. Or find out about our completely bespoke 360 feedback design and delivery service.

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Combining personality and performance data

Optimise insights with our Primary Colours ® Strengths Matrix report, which combines personality data (leadership reports) with performance data (360 feedback reports) to visually chart an individual’s strengths and limitation areas, to help identify their developmental priorities.

Enhance team development by combining assessment data from individuals in a leadership team to provide insight into their team identity and its impact on those they lead: Team Leadership Assessment & Development | Edgecumbe.


Applying our Primary Colours® model in leadership assessment and development 

We provide two routes to applying our Primary Colours® model when working in leadership assessment and development, depending on which personality instrument and report you prefer to use – the NEO-PI-R or HUCAMA Personality Factors. Both routes provide you with access to a robust and comprehensive personality profiling tool to use when working with leaders: 

Primary Colours® Toolkit using NEO-PI-R

Known for its effectiveness, consistency and versatility, the NEO-PI-R can be relied upon for accurate personality assessment against our Primary Colours® Model of Leadership. Produce a leadership report based on NEO’s personality assessment and our leadership framework.

Primary Colours® Toolkit using HUCAMA Personality Factors

Combine our Primary Colours® leadership assessments with the predictive power of the HUCAMA Personality Factors assessment for a detailed insight into overall leadership domains and functions, key leadership strengths and development areas, and the risks of overusing/underusing particular behaviours.

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