Leadership assessment and development for teams

Creating a leadership team, not a team of leaders

Why teams?

A high-performing leadership team is more than just a collection of leaders: the best teams harness diverse talents towards a common purpose. But working with people who are different to you is challenging: unhelpful interpersonal dynamics can have a dramatic effect on team performance and aren’t easy to examine. Developing a truly effective, complete team means going deeper, bringing these dynamics to the surface and developing shared awareness, values and trust. We help leaders collaborate to create agile, resilient teams that lead together.

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How we help teams thrive

We offer a range of tools that can help a team assess their collective identity and impact. Armed with these insights, we design and run highly impactful team development and team coaching sessions.

Team Psychometrics

Best-in-class measures of what makes your team members who they are – their personalities, abilities and motivations.

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Team 360°

Our team 360 degree feedback helps your team identify its impact on those they lead.

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Team Development

We help you build the mutual understanding essential to success, and play to your strengths, enabling you to foster innovation and sustain resilience.

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Latest team case studies

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