Psychometric tests for team development

Balance your team

Best-in-class measures of what makes your team members who they are – their personalities, abilities and motivations.

What are team psychometrics?

By assembling profiles of individual members of the team, we create a picture of each person, their suitability for the roles the team needs them to play, and the dynamics which might emerge as they work together.

Why team psychometrics?

Having diverse characters in a team means people see things differently and have differing views about where to focus and what to do. This doesn’t make life easy, but it’s the fuel for creativity, agility and resilience.

Understanding the mix and balance of people in the team helps to define where it can excel, and where it may need help.

How do we do it?

We offer a bureau service with psychologist support to independent consultants, or a complete, end-to-end service for teams which need our support.

Further explanation

Friction in teams is inevitable at times, but often it arises from misunderstandings and mismatches between people and their roles. Sharing team psychometrics helps to minimise these, build mutual understanding and trust, and equips all members play to their strengths.

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