Talent management is one of the most critical tasks of any organisation, yet organisations are facing unprecedented talent management challenges. Global demographic trends, the political and economic environment, as well as increasing changes to how and where people work, have arguably created a ‘wicked problem’ (a term coined by Rittel and Webber in 1973). 

Our analysis in this whitepaper, based on our recent survey of over 70 HR and L&D professionals from a wide range of industries, and findings from our surveys of over 100,000 employees over the past five years, suggests that the often siloed and fragmented way organisations manage talent may not be adaptive and effective enough in mitigating the significant, interconnected problems within the labour market and their impact on organisations. Our research suggests that this has a significantly negative impact on the employee experience, particularly regarding their perceived prospects of career progression, fairness of promotion processes and development opportunities. 

There are many stages to the talent lifecycle, and these are often handled in siloes, with different tools and processes and few or no ‘red threads’ tying the stages together. A more joined-up approach to talent management provides a seamless employee journey and a sustainable ‘supply-chain’ of talent, and is more future-proof, efficient and engaging so we believe that organisations need to take a more holistic, systemic and ‘joined-up’ approach to talent management to enhance employee experience, win the war for talent and create sustainable success.  

In our whitepaper we offer new insights, tools and methods to help those who work in talent to create a joined-up, effective system which can deliver improved employee engagement, better leadership and sustainable organisational success:  

  • The issues facing talent management. 
  • The solutions people have turned to overcome these issues. 
  • What a ‘joined-up’ approach to talent management should look like. 
  • Tips for creating a joined-up approach to talent management. 

We work with our clients to develop effective talent strategies to give them a competitive edge. This starts with recruitment and selection and continues through onboarding and engagement, performance review and management, and encompasses learning and development to ensure that employees have the skills they need now and in the future, as well as progression and succession to ensure a pipeline of ready talent. 

We provide a comprehensive range of services that can create a joined-up approach using the foundations of our proprietary leadership model as the ‘glue’ along with our suite of people assessments, which can be used throughout the organisation and talent cycle, creating more consistency in assessment and development.   

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