Employee engagement is key to building a motivated, committed, healthy and high-performing workforce.

Staff surveys, such as pulse surveys and focus groups, are a great way to measure and track employee engagement. The ability to create meaningful conclusions and insights from your employee engagement surveys will ensure your business gets the most out of these tools.

When conducting any type of staff survey, there are 2 vital components (that are often forgotten about). Firstly, designing a survey which is truly relevant to YOUR people and gaining buy-in through communication and training before the survey launches, to help maximise response rates and provide rich data to interpret. Without addressing this part, many surveys can fail to yield a true reflection of your employees’ experiences and feelings. And secondly, producing reports that quickly and simply highlight actionable takeaways and insights that help a business progress and grow.

Benefits of staff survey reporting

The reports generated from a staff survey offer businesses a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Visual – We believe staff survey reports should be visually engaging and illustrative. Don’t put managers and employees off by creating a 15-page text document outlining every detail in complex and unengaging language. Instead, we create infographics and visual posters that help summarise the key takeaways from your surveys. They highlight certain areas to explore in more detail, gaining people’s interest in working with the results further.
  • Easy access – We appreciate the realities of modern business and the need to access data quickly, wherever you may be. This is why our reports are available 24/7. Our online platform will mean you can access whatever you need to, quickly and conveniently.
  • Dynamic – Staff surveys can create a wealth of data – which can often seem overwhelming. Our reports allow filtering to help segment data and analyse certain areas in closer detail. This means you can draw the conclusions required, without needing to export large amounts of data and manually sort through it. Nevertheless, our reports can still be downloaded, so you do have the freedom to create your own reports or presentations.
  • Shareable – To get the most out of employee engagement reports, having them in a format that makes them easy to share, means mangers and team leaders can share them with other employees in a simple but effective way. Businesses should be transparent in how they approach these surveys with their employees and ensure all employees feel included in the outcomes and consequent actions – this is a great and easy way to IMPROVE engagement.
  • Collating qualitative data – Qualitative data can be highly valuable, but often harder to analyse and can require a lot of time reading through it all. This is why we include simple, visual word clouds in our manager and team reports to help summarise free-text responses. This helps create a quick summary that can highlight potential themes. We also offer more in-depth and expert thematic analysis so that your senior and HR team can really understand the rich detail within this data.
  • Benchmarking – Including internal and external benchmarks in our reports means businesses can gain an understanding of how they are performing relative to previous surveys and other similar organisations. Having this comparison helps decision-makers know what to prioritise based on expectations.
  • Summary reports – As well as having all the details, it’s often beneficial to have very top-level conclusions for senior managers and directors to see. This helps communicate key messages and priorities.
  • Expert analysis – We live and breathe employee engagement here at Edgecumbe Surveys. This means we’re perfectly positioned to help our clients analyse their surveys and draw valid conclusions from them. Our approach is based on proven academic theory relating to business psychology and HR. We ensure that all our clients understand their reports and feel confident in creating winning strategic and operational plans from the data.
  • Action planning & strategy – In some ways, only once the reports have been generated and analysed, can the real work begin! This is where we help translate your reports into strategy and action. The encompassing engagement strategy is about utilising the survey results in new business processes, values, and strategic plans. As part of Edgecumbe Consulting, a leading business consultancy, this is where we go beyond simply providing you with reports and ideas, and instead, work with you to create lasting positive change within your organisation.

What to report on when conducting staff surveys

It doesn’t matter how good your reports are, if they don’t cover the necessary topics and questions, then they won’t deliver the impact you hoped for. This is why we work so hard to help our clients identify, track and manage the key factors that have an influence on employee engagement. From the initial discussions and outlines, we can ensure any surveys and reports fit into a business’s wider strategy. We’ll listen to what you want to achieve from any investment into employee engagement and ensure that surveys, reports and action plans reflect your goals and aims.

We also perform a Key Driver Analysis, to highlight specific factors that are most important to your employees. This means we can point you to the highest priority factors that would generate the biggest yield in employee engagement.

Our Head, Heart and Hands model of engagement is used to form an Engagement Index, allowing you to track the level of engagement and proportion of ‘engaged’, ‘disengaged’ and ‘neutral’ employees across the business.

We can offer external benchmarking and insights to help support and add value to your overall engagement strategy. Our experience means we can connect the dots with regard to surveys and research to help provide a clear picture of engagement within your business. This means you can get the most out of any efforts to improve employee engagement.

Edgecumbe reports

We have translated academic theory and evidence into simple, practical and actionable models in order to help you to think about, communicate and measure engagement.

Our reports are rich in data yet visual and simple to interpret. We’re passionate about working closely with our clients to help them see tangible improvements in their business.

To learn more about how we can help you, here at Edgecumbe Surveys, get in touch today.