Reporting & action planning

Your survey results, visualised

Our aim is to help you identify and track your levels of employee engagement and the key factors that influence this, for example: management, training and recognition. We can also help you with a communication strategy and follow-up action-planning, using the survey insight to improve engagement.

Online reporting

Our interactive online reporting tool enables you to access your response rates and results 24/7, using any Wi-Fi enabled device. The tool will equip you to explore your survey results in depth, using its various summary or detailed reports.

Our reporting tool is dynamic, meaning you can filter your data by business and demographic groups. We report on your results year on year, so that you can keep an eye on where engagement has improved or declined across your business.

All charts and tables on the online tool can be individually downloaded so that you can build your own internal communication documents such as presentations, infographics or newsletters. We can also support you in designing internal communications of results.

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Summary reports for senior management teams

We produce a summary report for senior teams designed to ensure that they understand the key messages and priorities for organisation-wide action within the results. At this level, we report on the results by the organisation as a whole, as well as the key business groups that the Exec team are concerned with (e.g. function, department).

The report is designed in presentation format, which we would come to present and discuss with the team. Our aim in this meeting is to leave the team clear on key messages and priorities and bought-into the follow-up process.

Culture Values Screen

Infographics & team reports

Survey reports can be complex, bland and unengaging for employees and managers to read. In order to get them excited about reading and using the survey results to make change, we have designed visual, simple and fun reports in infographic style.

Our company-wide infographics can be used to communicate the high-level results from your survey to all employees in an engaging way. We also design posters for this purpose.

Infographic-style team reports with guidance can be used to help line managers communicate and discuss the survey results with their team. Adding an action plan template with guidance at the back enables teams to make local changes relevant to them.

Company Report Template Page 3
Company Report Template Page 4

Key driver analysis

We analyse your survey results to find out which factors of working life are most linked to levels of engagement among your staff. This way we can point you to the highest priorities in terms of improvement – the areas where investment of time or money to improve conditions for staff are likely to have the largest impact on engagement levels.

Key Driver Analysis

Analysis and reporting of comments data

We also provide word clouds highlighting themes within free-text responses. These are great for communication of results to staff via infographics, presentations or newsletters. We can also help you to make sense of your free-text data by providing in-depth thematic analysis and a summary report highlighting the key themes within different business groups.

Wordcloud (Transparent)

Action planning

Arguably, once your survey is complete and the results have been analysed, the real work begins!

Employee surveys are just one aspect of an engagement strategy and the way in which you make your results actionable is crucial for achieving positive change.

We can provide support throughout this process. The support we offer varies by client and can include:

  • Delivery of senior leadership team results presentations or team workshops.
  • Facilitation of management workshops covering results and action-planning.
  • Design of action planning materials and reports.
  • Delivery of staff presentations.
  • Pulse surveys to monitor progress in terms of engagement and topical issues.
  • Advising/supporting internal communications strategy and design of materials.
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Connecting survey results to strategic priorities

In designing reports for senior management teams we ensure that we present the results of the survey in their language. This means that we report on the business groups they are most interested in – the groups they report financial information and other KPIs on for example.

It also means that we link the survey results to the senior team’s strategic priorities or business objectives. For example:

Business objective: 20% growth in sales this financial year

Context: Business is currently under-performing in this objective by 15%

Engagement survey results:

  • The engagement index score within the sales team (62%) is lower than the organisation’s average and external benchmark at 62%
  • Members of the sales team report poorer relationships with their managers than the rest of the organisation with just 40% saying they get adequate support from their manager.
  • 60% of sales team staff reported that they are finding it difficult to cope with their workloads.

These results suggest that, in order for the business to achieve its 20% growth objective, the sales team may need to be strengthened in terms of resource and management support. Development of management skills should also be considered in order to improve managers’ relationships with their staff. Does the organisation have a framework of behaviours expected of managers that could be reinforced within the sales department?

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