In today’s world, businesses have come to understand that their impact on society and the environment is just as important as their financial bottom line. Through conscious decision-making and a commitment to accountability, businesses can drive success while simultaneously contributing to the betterment of our planet.

Our ethos

We are convinced that prioritising the environment and working towards a more sustainable future is both a moral imperative and a smart business decision. And as our corporate mission is to “identify and develop the kinds of leadership that create the conditions for people, organisations and societies to thrive, sustainably”, we have made a commitment to integrate responsible and sustainable business practices into both our operations and with the clients and business leaders with whom we work – see our impact report for more detail on our initiatives.


It starts from the top and that is why we have increased our focus on positive impacts. We have amended our Articles of Association to reflect our commitment to providing benefit to all stakeholders and have implemented a comprehensive and robust ESG policy that has pushed us to create positive impacts both internally and in our interaction with external parties. Our key social objectives are reviewed quarterly by our executive team and at least annually by our board of directors to ensure that we staycommitted.


Strong relationships with our local community and being a responsible corporate citizen is an essential element of our ESG policy. To give something back to the community, we encourage local volunteering and contributions to food banks, support employee fundraising activities, have formed a partnership with Cotham School (a local state secondary school), and have also developed a corporate partnership with ‘Stepping Up’, an initiative that focuses on unlocking potential and developing talent, while also ensuring that a fair representation of BAME, disabled people and women exists in positions of leadership.


At Edgecumbe, we provide ethical, flexible, supportive and caring working conditions for all our employees. Our staff are our greatest assets, and we value them by paying a fair wage (we are a Real Living Wage employer). Our managers are supportive and go the extra mile to build careers and allow flexible working to meet employees’ needs. Most importantly, we believe in creating a positive work-life balance for our staff so that we maintain a happy and productive workforce. 


We are committed to promoting ethical and responsible business practices with all our client work. We use our expertise to ensure that our clients improve working conditions within their organisations, thus fostering responsible and sustainable practices leading to long-term success and better business societies.


We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment by ensuring that all our business operations are carried out in an environmentally responsible way. Our staff play an active role in minimising the impact we make on the environment by conserving energy, reducing waste and recycling.

We were delighted to attend the recent Blue Earth Summit, an event bringing together 5,000+ thought leaders on the topic of building a positive future for our planet. The packed three-day agenda included talks on the future of leadership and the important role that businesses play in hitting net zero targets, as well as discussions about new concepts such as having nature as a board member and peer. Attending events like this are becoming a key component in informing our own business strategy, as well as understanding the support our clients will need within the context of climate change. 

We are proud of our commitment to creating responsible and sustainable business practices that bring positive impacts both within our company and beyond. In whichever way we are supporting our corporate clients or leading business schools – whether we are providing executive or leadership assessments, leadership coaching, employee engagement surveys or consultancy – we strive to create long-term positive impact. If you share our commitment to creating better leadership for a better world, then do take a look at our recently published impact report or, even better, get in touch.