The Edgecumbe Approach

Based on Long-Term Partnerships and Strategic Alignment

Through our portfolio of services and deep expertise, we help our clients to develop the leadership, talent, culture, employee engagement and performance they need, at an individual, team and organisational level.

All of our client organisations have different needs, preferences and capabilities so through our consulting approach we work together with our clients to identify what and where their challenge is, what kind of intervention is needed and where we can best add value.

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Leadership and Organisational Performance are Complex

We Can Help Provide Absolute Clarity

Despite every organisation being different, the challenges organisations and leaders face are common across industries, sectors and no matter the size or age of the organisation.

Common challenges we help our clients to solve:

  • Tackling uncertainty about the future
  • Developing the leaders of the future
  • Helping leaders to lead in a VUCA world
  • Assembling, developing and maintaining effective senior teams/ Boards
  • Selecting and retaining key talent
  • Undertaking organisational change and becoming agile
  • Diagnosing and changing an organisation’s culture
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Developing the workforce of tomorrow

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Our Multi-Levelled Approach

Combining Bespoke Solutions with Long-Term Analytics

Having worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of leaders across the globe, it is our experience that most challenges require a number of interventions, at different levels of the organisation and/ or at different times. Often, there is no one quick fix, unfortunately!

Our consulting takes a holistic approach, investigating the challenges you face from multiple angles and levels. We have the luxury of being able to call on a range of robust quality standard assessment, analytic and developmental tools, as well as having the expertise to design bespoke tools and interventions in order to specifically target our clients’ cultures and challenges.

No matter the method, we ensure that our consulting is aligned with your business strategy and goals, turning our work with you into your competitive advantage.