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Supporting the development of leadership teams

This tool provides feedback on the impact that a leadership team is having on the people who are best positioned to judge.  Uniquely it requests feedback on the leadership team as a team and not individuals. It combines qualitative as well as quantitative feedback and is designed to provide feedback to the team on how they are meeting the leadership challenge and the impact that they are having.

Great leadership is most likely to be achieved and sustained through strong leadership teams, clearly aligned, with complementary skill sets and effective teamwork. Based on the proven Primary Colours® Model of Leadership, this feedback tool provides clear, comprehensive feedback on the impact that a leadership team is having on the people who are best positioned to judge. The report is designed to provide the leadership team with feedback on their performance as a team, by capturing information on perceptions of their capabilities in eight tasks of the Primary Colours® Model of Leadership:

  • Setting Strategic Direction
  • Planning and Organising
  • Creating Alignment
  • Building and Sustaining Relationships
  • Team Working
  • Delivering Results
  • Leading
  • Coping with Pressure

There are 17 rating questions in total as well as the opportunity to add comments on each of the 8 domains and the overall performance.
The feedback enables the team to learn more about its’ overall strengths and weaknesses in each domain and the impact that the team’s overall leadership has upon others.
The survey is completed online, is confidential and take about 10-15 minutes to complete.
The value of this unique report is that by providing feedback on the impact of the leadership team as a whole, it allows the team to gain a better understanding of the areas they need to address and enables a team approach to tackling the leadership challenge in their organisation.
The Primary Colours® Leadership Team Impact Report is part of a comprehensive toolkit designed to support a robust approach to assessing and developing leaders and leadership capability. The report can be used as a stand-alone assessment tool, but it works best when used in combination with the other tools in the portfolio, the NEO Primary Colours® Leadership Report and the Primary Colours® Engagement Survey.

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