Case Study – Bunzl plc.

Actionable Insights for Bunzl plc

Delivering a Hassle-free Survey Process

Since 2006 we have helped Bunzl plc to improve both their survey response rates and their employee engagement.

Since 2006 Primary Colours Surveys has been the chosen survey provider for Bunzl Plc, a highly successful international distribution and outsourcing company. Bunzl has operations in 29 countries across Europe and the rest of the world, with a workforce of more than 15,000 staff.

Having clear data on the attitudes and engagement level of their people is considered a key element enabling Bunzl’s ongoing business and people decisions as it continues to grow organically and through acquisition.

We helped Bunzl to design a bespoke questionnaire covering elements of working life that were most relevant to their staff, using simple and clear language that made it easy for all staff to fill in.

Cutting Through Complexity

Designing a Methodology

The survey is a significant operation with a number of complexities:

  • It is delivered to over 15,000 staff.
  • It is completed in 17 languages.
  • It is delivered to over 200 individual operating companies across the world, many of which have different hierarchical structures.
  • It is completed using both online and paper formats.

Therefore, we worked with the team at Bunzl to design a methodology for managing the delivery and collection of the survey that would be as cost-efficient for the business AND as hassle-free as possible for their staff at each location. We manage the whole operation, our Project Team working closely with key contacts within Bunzl to ensure this significant operation runs smoothly each year.


Highly Visual Reports

Distilling Actionable Insights from a lot of Data

Due to Bunzl’s size and de-centralised structure the number of reports required is considerable and includes:

  • Overall Bunzl plc level reporting for the board,
  • Reporting at regional level for seven global regions,
  • Reporting at country level for 23 countries,
  • Reporting at a business level for nearly 200 businesses,
  • Detailed breakdowns at each reporting level by gender, tenure, job role and grade.

This reporting structure allows for results to be shared across the company and throughout the hierarchy – each audience seeing results tailored to their needs. Reports are delivered using both our online reporting tool to allow for self-guided interrogation of the anonymous data, as well as offline presentation-based and infographic reports to aid with organisational communication and action-planning.

Our highly visual reports allow members of the Group HR team as well as business managers and leaders to cut through the mass of data and instead see clear, simple messages coming from the results. This allows them to quickly get to the most important business of making the survey make a difference.

Growing Your Business

Improving Response Rates & Engagement Results

Since Bunzl’s first survey in 2006 we have helped the organisation to increase their overall response rate from 46% to 72% through improved communication and follow-up on actions taken as a result of the survey. More staff each year see the survey as a beneficial exercise because they can see positive change happening as a result of it (through the use of ‘You said, we did’ communication).

Using our interpretive reports and our recommendations for action, Bunzl have also improved their staff satisfaction levels over the years, with significant improvements specifically seen in the areas of management and communications.