The Association for Business Psychology (ABP) promotes research and thought leadership in the field of business psychology and, as such, it offers a range of services to its members, including events, training, and networking opportunities. As part of this, the ABP hosts webinars delivered by member organisations; an opportunity for them to deep dive into business psychology topics.  

We are excited that the ABP will be hosting a webinar delivered by our Head of Assessment, Ben Vernazza, on 26 May from 12.30-1.30pm, focusing on ‘creating complete leadership from incomplete leaders. Given the uncertain and ever-changing times we are living through, leaders are facing greater demands than ever before. Our decades of experience in helping clients develop sustainable leadership in their organisations has shown us how leadership needs to adapt to meet changing requirements.

During the session, Ben will be: ABP logo

  • exploring what leaders need to do to create the conditions for people and organisations to thrive and sustain their success;   
  • offering a way of rethinking leadership based on research;  
  • making the case for building complementarity within leadership teams – it is unrealistic to expect individual leaders to excel at all the fundamental tasks of leadership, so complementarity is key; 
  • demonstrating a methodology that enables organisations to create complete leadership from incomplete leaders through assessment and development.    

 Anyone attending the session can expect to receive useful insights and tips, including: 

  • the tasks leaders need to perform to create the conditions for success;  
  • the impact of personality on leadership;  
  • why it is unrealistic for any individual to be a complete leader;    
  • the learnings from our leadership assessment work, based on practice and research. 

Our insightful session is open to ABP members (for free) and non-members (for a cost of £18). If you would be interested in hearing what we have to say, please register on the ABP website. 


About Edgecumbe 

We are members of the ABP and are proud to have been finalists in the ‘Excellence in Assessment & Selection’ category at last year’s ABP awards. Our proprietary leadership framework, the Primary Colours® Model, developed by our co-founder, Professor David Pendleton, is taught at leading business schools including Oxford Saïd, Henley and Alliance Manchester.