360° Feedback

What is 360° Feedback?

Edgecumbe 360° Feedback Explained

360-degree feedback provides an individual with insight into the way they are perceived by others.

Feedback is solicited from people with differing work relationships with the participant, including senior colleagues, peers, direct reports and other stakeholders, creating a rounded view of current performance and behaviour.

What are the benefits of 360° feedback?

It can be hard to tell a colleague how you really feel about the way they behave, especially the things you wish they would do differently. The process provides an opportunity for anonymous feedback which helps to overcome our natural reticence and provide honest views without fear of untoward consequences.

We all adapt our behaviour in response to the situations in which we find ourselves, and however well we know someone at work, we only see a part of them and their behaviour. Because 360 degree feedback brings together the views of people who experience different aspects of an individual’s behaviour, it provides a fuller picture.

Our view of others is coloured by our own perceptions, expectations and biases: what I regard as appropriate may seem excessive to someone else. Because 360 degree feedback combines the views of several different people, it helps to balance out the impact of these biases.

Finally, we cannot always see ourselves as others see us: what we intend is not always the same as what others observe. Because 360 degree feedback allows comparisons between an individual’s view of themselves and the views of others, it can highlight these perception gaps and ‘blind spots’, improving self-awareness and supporting the development of more effective patterns of behaviour.

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How Do We Do It?

Edgecumbe’s 360° Feedback Tools

We have developed a suite of standard, benchmarked 360° feedback tools and we have developed bespoke tools designed to reflect the requirements of specific functions or organisations.

Examples include:

  • 360° for major project leaders in both corporate and government contexts
  • 360° for doctors’ revalidation
  • 360° for practice managers within GP surgeries
  • 360° for clients’ own values and/or competency frameworks

The Primary Colours Approach

Edgecumbe’s Primary Colours Leadership 360°

The Primary Colours Leadership 360° measures an individuals’ leadership behaviours based on the validated Primary Colours Model of Leadership.

The tool helps leaders to identify their strengths and limitations relative to a benchmark population of senior leaders and professionals in a very broad range of functions, sectors and nationalities. Built from thousands of data sets generated through our work with a wide range of international businesses, and over 10 years of supporting senior leadership programmes at Oxford University’s Said Business School, our benchmarks offer a unique opportunity for leaders to compare themselves with the world’s best leaders.

Our 360° process is very flexible and can be as standard or configurable as required. We offer you the ability to fully control and customize the 360° feedback process from the administration, communication, to the questionnaire and the report design. We also offer full project management or give you the ability to do this via our administration portal.

Primary Colours Model

An Online Platform

Our 360 system is built on a powerful and flexible technology platform which is securely hosted in the UK. It offers the following benefits:

  • The intuitive, attractive and user-friendly system helps respondents focus on the task at hand: providing thoughtful, honest feedback
  • The scalable platform can accommodate any size of population from 1 to 10,000 participants
  • The simple interface makes for quick work – an average 15 minute completion time minimizes the organisational burden of the process
  • The flexible, editable system supports translation into multiple languages, enabling centralised administration across multiple geographies
  • The capacity for bulk uploading of respondent details makes the process of colleague nominations simple and reliable
  • The facility to provide feedback to several participants at once both speeds up the process and enables more accurate relative judgements
  • Minimum numbers of respondents can be set to protect respondent anonymity
  • Respondent categories can be labelled according to your organisation’s conventions (e.g. boss, superior, manager, senior colleague), reducing the risk of confusion
  • The facility to use your organisation’s branding helps to improve response rates and reinforce employer branding
  • ‘Smart’ automated reminder emails help to increase response rates without incurring extra administrative effort or hassling respondents who have already responded
  • Instant report access to PDF format reports on a participant’s secure account ensures proper data protection

Powerful Reports

The Primary Colours 360° report provides a clean, simple presentation of results, enabling quick and easy interpretation. It also provides a more detailed, data-rich analysis than most similar systems. It offers the following benefits:

  • Every response is shown separately, allowing immediate insight into the range and frequency of responses to each item, broken down by respondent category
  • Summary analyses allow instant comparisons between respondent categories: this makes it easy to identify which groups are more or less positively impacted by the participant’s behaviour
  • Simple analysis of variance among ratings makes it easy to judge how consistently respondents rate the participant