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Edgecumbe Consulting Group works in three different areas.

Edgecumbe Consulting focuses on maximising the value from leaders.

Primary Colours Surveys measures employee engagement.

Edgecumbe Health supports the medical profession.

Explore each of their websites below.

Edgecumbe Consulting
Primary Colours Surveys
Edgecumbe Health
Reflections on Brexit
29-06-2016 13:52:41
Like many of you I’m sure, I have spent the last few days reflecting on the decision of Englis...
By Jon Cowell
We're moving!
23-06-2016 14:12:15
We are excited to announce that Edgecumbe Group are moving this Friday the 24th June 2016   P...
By Suzannah Varma
The essentials of leadership
27-01-2016 09:04:30
The subject of leadership has spawned so many different views that it is hard for most leaders to kn...
By David Pendleton
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