The Doctor 360 ‘digital access’ exercise option offers a number of benefits when collecting patient feedback. Undoubtedly, we are moving towards an ever more digital world, but this might not appeal to all audiences within a healthcare setting (especially older patients or those without easy access to devices). But many doctors are looking to switch fully to online patient feedback (or, at least, to combine paper-based and online feedback options based on the profile of their patients) and there are many advantages to doing just this.  

Doctor 360˚  ‘digital access’ 

Our online patient feedback exercises allow you to complete your patient feedback process digitally, which many doctors find easier than getting patients to complete hard copy surveys.  

To make use of the online feedback option, simply nominate a chosen colleague as your appointee within your Doctor 360˚  account. Your chosen appointee can email feedback invitations to patients on your behalf and activate your QR code, which can be emailed to patients or printed and used within your consulting room/surgery for patients to scan after an appointment. All completed patient questionnaires are automatically uploaded to your Doctor 360˚  account.  

Please note: the ‘paper and online access’ option also allows for the online feedback method, if you decide to opt for this instead (or a hybrid method, if you prefer). 

Benefits of ‘digital access’ patient feedback 

  • Benefit #1: Enhanced convenience and flexibility for patients – patients can access the questionnaire from any device and at any time (so they can choose a convenient time rather than rushing the process). 
  • Benefit #2: Easy process for doctors – easily nominate your appointee within your account to send questionnaires to patients via email. 
  • Benefit #3: Facilitating the appointee role – no need for your chosen appointee to wait to distribute or collect questionnaires in person. 
  • Benefit #5: Save time – no need to post or email your questionnaires to us (which can take several days for receipt) or wait for feedback to be uploaded by our team (this usually takes seven working days). 
  • Benefit #6: Going green – reduce your paper usage and help us move towards a greener future for Doctor 360˚ . 

Doctor 360˚  QR code 

Our QR code functionality is being used by doctors all over the UK to collect their patient feedback, and the comments we are receiving about it are very positive: 

I  want to let you know that I think the new patient feedback QR code is excellent. We intend to highlight this to all our 1,400+ doctors in the next few weeks. It makes things so much easier for the doctor, distributor and admin teams – oh, and costs less. (Revalidation Manager, Northern Care Alliance, February 2023) 

I very much loved the idea of QR code as a tool for collecting patient feedback and, after trying it myself, I can certainly say that it is very efficient, user friendly and easy to use. Thank you Edgecumbe team, you are doing an excellent job! (Revalidation Manager, Central North West London Foundation Trust, November 2022) 

The QR code can be used with any exercise purchased from us. There are two simple steps to follow to use our QR code functionality:  

  • Step 1: Doctors assign an appointee – watch our video to find out more. 
  • Step 2: Appointees generate a QR code – watch our video to find out more. 

These demo videos can also be found in the support materials tile of your account.  

Don’t forget, we host monthly training sessions for doctors using Doctor 360˚   and these training sessions include a reminder of how to use the QR code to collect patient feedback. You can sign up to one of the sessions here.   

How to purchase your 360˚ 

Visit the purchase page on our website or check with your revalidation team at your designated Trust. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please email us at or call us on 0117 332 8277.