As part of our recruitment assessment for high-stake senior hires, we conduct Candidate Insights to help reduce uncertainty in the recruitment process.  This helps identify aspects of the individual’s personality and approach at work that may need to be explored thoroughly in order to understand the candidate better and mitigate certain kinds of recruitment risk.

This ensures you can hire with confidence, knowing new senior positions will be filled by the right people.

The insights revealed from such assessments give recruiters a vivid illustration of the traits, attitudes and behaviours most likely to help or hinder the candidate in performing in their role. The resulting report identifies probable strengths and potential risks/ limitations and includes behavioural questions that can be used at final interview to explore the candidate’s suitability and development needs further.

Personality questionnaires are a fantastic way to shed light on key candidate traits. Along with the NEO – PIR, we also use the Hogan Assessment.

But what exactly is the Hogan Assessment Suite and why use it when assessing senior level candidates?

We thought we’d create this mini guide to provide you with an introduction to these personality assessments.

What is the Hogan assessment?

Hogan are considered the world-renowned authority in personality assessments. Their science-backed assessments offer reliable and robust insight into personality. Such insights can be utilised to inform recruitment decisions, and also the development of existing employees alike.

The Hogan assessments holistically assess individuals’ personality and identify strengths and weaknesses, underlying values and motivators, and even career “derailers” and the proclaimed “dark side” of personality. This illustrates the comprehensive nature of Hogan Assessments and the value they can bring to organisations looking to better understand both existing and potential employees..

Hogan Assessments help predict how individuals are likely to behave in a professional setting, and why they will do it. This 3-pronged approach means Hogan assessments can ensure organisations extract key insights when engaging in employee recruitment and development . The results gleaned from these assessments help individuals to understand their own behaviour traits, motivators and potential derailers better, as well as helping organisations optimise the fit between new candidates, their roles and the organisational culture.

The Hogan assessments we offer include: HPI, HDS and MVPI.

  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

The HPI measures individuals’ normal, or ‘bright side’ personality, providing a macro view of how they may work with others or behave in different situations. This helps understand the role an individual is likely to play in a team, or predict what type of leader or team member a candidate is likely to be.

  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

The HDS measures individuals’ potential derailers, or ‘dark side’ personality, . It assesses how individuals are likely to behave in times of difficulty, or when under pressure. This is often overlooked, but as every business will go through periods of challenge, this is an incredibly powerful assessment to understand individuals’ true potential.

  • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

The MVPI identifies individuals’ underlying motives, values and preferences that drive individuals’ goals, expectations and behaviours. This helps explain the “why” behind a candidate’s behaviour, providing opportunities to align individuals with the roles and environments where they are most likely to thrive.

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