After a lot of careful planning and hard work we are happy to announce the launch of the new Edgecumbe website. Much has changed since the launch of our last site back in 2016 and we needed our online presence to bring clarity to who we are, what we do and how we do it, whilst visually reflecting Edgecumbe’s values in a modern, professional yet exciting way. 

Some bigger changes you might notice are: 

We’ve consolidated our brands – We’ve united all our services, including Edgecumbe Health and Primary Colours ® Surveys under one umbrella and into one website. 

We’ve also changed our logo – We’ve simplified our logo to reflect the consolidation of our services, from Edgecumbe consulting, to a more confident ‘Edgecumbe’, and simplified our brand colours. 

However, the changes we’ve made are more than skin deep. This renovation project has given us the opportunity to put Edgecumbe under the microscope and further understand ourselves and how we should be communicating. Part of this process involved listening to our existing clients. 

“We decided to focus in on the key business challenges that we’ve been hearing from our clients and in the wider world – how to respond to the ever-increasing complexity, ambiguity and volatility that we face. We’ve tried to present what we do more simply and clearly, grouping our services and offerings based on who they support – individuals, teams or organisations. We’ve also said more about our consultancy services because we’re finding more and more that clients are coming to us with challenges rather than identified questions or answers, so we are helping them to formulate and answer those questions. I think the new site reflects the professional quality we strive for, our friendly, caring and fun team, and our vision for the future: helping organisations develop the leadership they need to thrive. “ 

Bringing the site to life

To bring the site to life, we knew we needed a team with a solid understanding of who we are and what we were looking to achieve, which is why the digital masterminds at Squarebird were the perfect fit. With a proven track record of delivering great sites and an interwoven history with Edgecumbe, (Co-owner, Jon Bird, is a former member of the Edgecumbe team) we knew Squarebird could deliver. 

Squarebird explain their thinking behind the website:

“We wanted to ensure that there was a more seamless integration between the refreshed Edgecumbe brand and the user experience of the new website. This started with a new colour palette for each of Edgecumbe’s core target markets: ‘Individuals’, ‘Teams’ and ‘Organisations’; using more professional and calmer colours to showcase a mature brand, confident of their identity and services, and leaving behind the multi-coloured, bold but somewhat unsure visual identity established previously. Once this palette was chosen, we combined this with Edgecumbe’s researched ‘user stories’, data collected from a focus group of Edgecumbe clients, to establish clear navigation pathways throughout the website. The goal was to ensure that any new user who was looking for help with a problem within their organisation was able to quickly find and purchase the service they needed.” 

at’s yet to come?

In preparation for the launch of the new website, Edgecumbe have welcomed a new marketing team. CMO, Jeremy Greaves, has been working with Edgecumbe to create and direct the marketing strategy. Under Jeremy’s direction, Mellissa Potts has joined the team as Marketing Manager.  Mellissa has worked with Jeremy and web agency Squarebird to deliver the website and will deliver the marketing strategy for Edgecumbe.

Mellissa Potts, Marketing Manager, on joining the team:

“As a Marketing Manager, I’ve started at the opportune time. Working on the new website has enabled me to really get to grips with Edgecumbe’s vision, services and the team. Edgecumbe have been doing amazing work for years, an example being the incredible leadership programmes Edgecumbe designs and directs for clients at Oxford Saïd Business School; one of these has been running for 10 years, but what they haven’t been incredible at is shouting about it. So, I’m very excited to get the ball rolling with our new marketing strategy and spread the word about what we’re doing here.”  


Jon Cowell, CEO of Edgecumbe explains what you can expect from Edgecumbe in the future:

“I am enormously proud, and very privileged, to lead the team at Edgecumbe, and to take forward a legacy built over more than 25 years. The transition to new leadership is never easy but 4 years after our founders stepped back, we are facing the future with renewed confidence and energy.

Two main themes mark our focus for the future. The first is an even sharper focus on ensuring that our customers can quickly and easily get the help they need at a price they can afford. We have invested a great deal of time and effort (and some skill, if I may say so!) to simplify, streamline and improve our platforms and processes, so that our team can focus even more on helping people. This process will never stop.

The second is a much greater investment in our own research. We have a huge lake of historical data, properly secured and permissioned for research. Over the past 3 years we have created the technology infrastructure, worked through the ethical challenges and built up the data science capabilities to create new insights, which we are using to refine and extend what we can do to help people. You’ll be seeing a good deal more of us in academic and practitioner journals, and new product and service offerings over the coming months and years. You can see a brief outline of our people analytics services on the website, but it is brief: we are regularly told that what we can do is unique, and we have learned the hard way to be a little bit careful about what we share with our competitors.

Finally, I want to underline our continuing commitment to our independence. You may be aware that over the last 10 years most of the UK’s psychology-based consultancies have been acquired by larger organisations: the big consultancies, Private Equity etc. This has not always worked out well, for employees or for customers. We are proud to be part of a small but very determined group which regard that independence as central to providing what our customers need. We have always been proud of the friendly, responsive service our team gives our customers, and of the quality of research and thinking that goes into our tools and services, underpinned by a team of seasoned psychologists and close links to academia. We won’t be changing that!”

So, take a look around our new site and let us know your thoughts, and for all our latest updates and insights, follow us on twitter and LinkedIn.